About Art

I believe there is a central hunger in society now. It is the desire to put the world back together into a whole…and for us to be part of that whole. If art and architecture are the continuous search of humanity to find its ever-changing place in the universe, then art and architecture need to lead in the search to rediscover our spirit, a spirit that is comfortable in this our world.

One of the primary reasons for art is to place contemporary culture in the present, to help us be connected psychologically, emotionally and spiritually to the world we really live in. Art has been a way to bring into being what was sacred to us, our gods and goddesses, our inner fears and hopes. The art object is a step toward understanding.

The artist’s role is to make that inner world physical by constantly reevaluating the rituals and patterns of our connections to life. If we can evolve inwardly, then we can deal effectively with an ever-changing world.

If we raise our children so that they are orphaned from nature, unable to feel comfortable and live in harmony with nature, then they will be at the mercy of technology and the electronic world. But if we can give them a reverence for the earth and a confidence in their ability to live in a harmonious, productive way with nature, then technology will fit easily into a total, inter-related approach to life.

What is the most important thing to learn?

Think of art as a door. In Chinese painting or Russian icons, art was a gateway through which we can enter in contemplation. What is not said is its meaning….the space between the notes.

All disciplines or knowledge begin by observing nature and life. It is very easy for the institution or discipline to build monuments upon themselves, separate from reality. If you would understand a flower, go to the flower. The solution to all problems exists not in convention, but in the problem. Yet remember that past, future and present cannot be separated. We swim or sink within that sea.

“There is a sad thing about being an artist. No matter how close one seems to reaching the right answer in a work, there is always the suspicion that the real answer lies somewhere beyond one’s vision. The mark is somewhere else.”


“Through art we may break the shell and allow the real world to influence us.”

~James T. Hubbell, 2001


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