Seeking Beauty’s Place in our Time

Seeking Beauty

My world is the world of objects, of inner musings made real, a world of things not necessarily coming from ideas. yet, there are thoughts and ideas that have been extremely important to me through the years. One is Beauty. This word, at least in the art world, has been out of favor for a good part of this century. I would like to see its reintroduction into the modern world with the understanding that Beauty, like love, has the power to change things. It can also help us make decisions and unite the disparate elements in our lives.

What I call beauty is far from what we call pretty. A plastic rose no matter how well fashioned can never be beautiful; it can only grow dusty. It is the full cycle of life of a real rose that gives it its beauty. Knowing that it wilts and dies is the essence of its wonder. Mozart’s music is beautiful because there is within the wonderful melody, both the pathos and joy of being human.

Excerpts from a self-published collection of poems and essays:Architecture of Jubilation: The Poetry of Our Lives and What We May Choose To Build by James Hubbell (2001).


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