This is a blog.

This blog isn’t one that will endlessly rant about personal issues, or about a single artist, but a blog that is meant to bring a community of people together to keep the idea of beauty James Hubbell has been searching for his whole life in tact.



The keeper of this blog is the young intern Xinlei, who James has hired on for spring semester 2017. With his guidance she hopes to create a place for followers of his work to look onto and help keep alive for future generations. As time passes, the torch will be passed on to others that help out on Hubbell Hill. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we hope to widen everyone’s view of the beauty that exists on Hubbell Hill and throughout the universe around us.

James likes to think of his life work up here as a Siberian tiger, something no one want to lose. The idea is for people to want this Ilan- Lael Foundation community center to last beyond the people that work here, a place for everyone to discover true beauty for themselves.

The blog will consist of four parts. The  first of the four is Earth. Earth is a place for questions; questions to keep us searching for the nutrients of beauty this Earth gives us. Second is Roots. This consists of James’ philosophy on beauty, to give a little background on what is inspiring the projects he creates. Third is Trunk, and trunk is a group of explanations and backgrounds on how everyone that works here got to this chapter in their life and how we work towards our idea of beauty. The last page, Branches, is where everyone that wishes to communicate with others on beauty, James’ work, or is simply looking for an update on the work that is happening up on Hubbell Hill will go to get involved.

Please join in on the conversation to establish an on going search for beauty and the protection of it. Look in the right-hand column of any page to do so directly.